What Makes Blue Diamond Almonds the Best?

From the growing and caring of almonds to the creation and innovation of new products, Blue Diamond doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to fulfilling our vision of delivering the benefits of almonds to the world. Even though we continue to make a difference in the market with the quality of our ingredients and products, it all comes back to the almonds.

Almond Breeze is one of those quality products. But, what does it take to produce the best almonds that make the best almondmilk?

A new video series produced by the Almond Breeze brand team explores the cooperative’s values and how it’s in our nature to grow, to care, to create, to innovate. Blue Diamond’s member-growers, employees and consumers understand that it’s about relationships and coming together for a common good. This series showcases our respect for the land, the brand and consumer choice. That’s what makes the best almonds.

I invite you to watch each short video in the “It’s in Our Nature” video series below.