The Perfect Marriage: Chocolate and Almonds

In the world of confections, the marriage of chocolate and almonds is a near perfect union. A recent global survey reports that almonds are listed by consumers as a top ingredient in both milk and dark chocolate. Almonds are also voted the nut that best fits with chocolate and one that “outperforms other nuts on the most important attributes, including tastes good, high quality and satisfying.” In addition, consumers rate almonds as the number one nut that delivers taste in chocolate.

And if these accolades aren’t enough, chocolate with almonds seems to benefit from the healthy halo that almonds in general enjoy. In the same survey mentioned above, 75 percent of respondents believe chocolate with almonds is more nutritious and that almonds are the nut that best delivers nutrition in chocolate creations. Manufacturers looking to add a health and wellness aspect to their products know that almonds fit the bill beautifully. Not only are they a clean label ingredient, they have the important Heart-Check certification from the American Heart Association.

With all this almond love, it’s no wonder that almonds continue to be a “favored nut” in all candy – particularly chocolate – and snacks. This strong preference has contributed to the growing demand for almonds, with per capita US consumption up 54 percent since 2002, and global consumption growing at a rate of over ten percent per year since 2000. In fact, confectionery remains the leading category for new product introductions containing almonds, with a 25 percent increase from 2009 to 2010, the last full year for which we have data.

We see this strong consumer preference for almonds every day at Blue Diamond in the delicious chocolates and other confections produced by the customers of our Global Ingredients Division.

Chocolate and almonds. Almonds and chocolate. Together forever.



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