It’s All About Consumer Choice

Six months ago, a California consumer filed a class action lawsuit against Blue Diamond Growers alleging almondmilk is falsely advertised as nutritionally equivalent to dairy milk. I am pleased to share that this case has been emphatically dismissed by the judge.

An article published in Food Navigator USA covers the court ruling. Read it here.

According to the article, Stephen Wilson, the district judge handling the case said, “by using the term almond milk, even the least sophisticated consumer would know instantly the type of product they are purchasing. If the consumer is concerned about the nutritious qualities of the product, they can read the nutrition label…

This is welcomed news and helps reaffirm what we already know – today’s consumers are not confused by dairy versus plant-based milks. I am encouraged that this is a step in the right direction for helping settle the debate.

At Blue Diamond we will continue our commitment to providing consumers with choices for nutritious, quality products to meet their health preferences and needs.