Investing for Future Growth

I am optimistic about almonds! The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported that California’s almond crop subjective estimate is 2.3 billion pounds. Within the next five years, the almond harvest is predicted to increase to 3 billion pounds. Each number reflects the changes happening within the industry, including the trend of increased plantings and improving yields. When we experience bigger crops, the almond industry will be ready to sell them. That is the benefit of a diverse global marketplace for California almonds – more diverse than any other U.S. agricultural commodity.

Blue Diamond has built a strong reputation for proactively managing change. As the almond industry changes, so does our strategy to deliver on the cooperative’s mission to maximize the returns of each grower who entrust us with their almonds. Over the last several years we have been able to sustain industry-leading returns by improving our margins, growing our competitive advantage and investing in future growth. Looking ahead, we want to continue to set high goals and focus our efforts on achieving superior economic returns, growing our business and making Blue Diamond Growers a great place to work.

Our mission will guide our work and the Blue Diamond team is prepared to step-up growth through further marketing and innovation investments that accelerate value-added sales while managing optimal almond supply. We are seeing every major almond consuming country in the world continuing to eat more almonds. This gives us an advantage as we look to grow our presence within the consumer brand, ingredient and food service segments. Blue Diamond is also reaching global retail markets with enhanced advertising and promotion. It is important to note that the Blue Diamond brand would not be where it is today without these investments. It is our additional commitment to develop the next Almond Breeze for Blue Diamond. By 2022, we expect that half of our value-added growth will be from products that didn’t exist in 2017!

Achieving these goals will rely on the many talents of our dedicated Blue Diamond team members and grower-owners. Together, we value our ability to Play to Win and be the best that we can be. It will be hard work. One way our Blue Diamond growers can help is by sharing their personal stories. Advocacy of the Blue Diamond brand, farming in general and almond growing, in particular, helps to spread the word of the beneficial impacts that almonds bring to farmers, consumers and the California economy. There are many wonderful stories to tell and getting out our message to a global audience will enable our cooperative – and industry – to flourish.

Our ability to achieve goals and make smart investments for the future puts Blue Diamond in a good position to handle the larger crops of future years.  The co-op will consistently pursue opportunities, partners and places where we can deliver the benefits of almonds to the world.

I promise, Blue Diamond is ready for this year’s record crop and for the really big crop yet to come!