Inspiration Comes to Us in Different Ways

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

My role as CEO of Blue Diamond is the best job in the world. Working with our grower-owners, customers and employees gives me exposure to diverse personal and professional stories, which serve as an inspiration and reaffirmation of the great sense of purpose we have at Blue Diamond. Every day I wake up excited to go to work!

Almond Facts magazine has focused primarily on the business side of the cooperative. I think it’s time to share with readers more about what Blue Diamond members and employees are doing on our campuses, farms and local communities that inspire others. With over 1,500 employees and 3,000 farm families, we are blessed with many great stories of leadership.

Board of Directors member Kent Stenderup recently traveled to Nepal with his son, John. Both avid hikers, this father son duo has a great story to share. John wrote, “The best part of the climb was that every step my dad took was a personal record to his highest altitude ever!” and that, “I couldn’t help but reflect on the inspiration that has led him and I to this adventure of a lifetime.” John went on to successfully summit Mount Everest and found himself literally on top of the world. His journey is featured in the July/August issue.

Growers are also inspiring employees through their stories on the farm. This summer we held our first Grower Panel and Grower Connection Days. The Grower Panel brought four of our grower-owners to the Sacramento campus to share their perspectives on being an almond farmer and co-op member in front of an employee audience. Grower Connection Days sent employees to Gerry and Elaine Rominger’s farm for a deeper understanding of Blue Diamond’s mission and the work of our grower owners. Grower Panel participant Mike Bogetti perfectly summed up the Blue Diamond family relationship saying, “Your success is our success. Our future is in your hands.” This sense of responsibility inspires us all as we move forward to achieving our goals.

These examples remind us that Blue Diamond is much more than an almond marketer and processor. We have an integrated, cohesive purpose aligning growers, employees, customers and communities. From my standpoint, this is what makes Blue Diamond Growers unique.

Our vision, to deliver the benefits of almonds to the world, is being accomplished by so many people in so many ways. I look forward to hearing and sharing more great stories with you in future issues of Almond Facts. May they inspire you as they do me.

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