“How Do They Do It” To Air Episode On Almonds

Did you know it takes billions of bees to produce a million tons of California almonds? See for yourself how the bees help to bring the California almond crop to life each year.

“Behind the ordinary is the extraordinary.”  That’s the slogan for “How Do They Do It,” a television series shown on Discovery’s Science Channel. They take a closer look at many of the objects that make up the modern world and bring you behind the scenes to discover how the things that form the world today are created.

The series is broadcast throughout the world on various Discovery-owned networks including:

▪    Science Channel in the United States.
▪    Discovery Channel, Science Channel, DMAX and Quest in the United Kingdom.
▪    Discovery Channel in Asia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands.
▪    Discovery Channel and Discovery Science in Italy.

“How Do They Do It” – almond episode – show schedule;

August 30 @ 10:00 PM
August 31 @ 1:00 AM
September 1 @ 5:00 AM
September 6 @ 10:30 PM
September 7 @ 1:30 AM
September 8 @ 5:30 AM

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