Get Together and Get Your GRAMMY Going

Blue Diamond continues to develop innovative marketing and this Sunday, February 12, for Music’s Biggest Night, you will want to get together to see our latest “performance” during the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards. As one of the most prestigious and highest rated awards shows on television – seen by millions of viewers and Blue Diamond consumers across the country – the GRAMMY Awards is an opportunity we couldn’t miss out on.

Three Blue Diamond advertisements will air throughout the broadcast and I am especially excited about our new commercial promoting togetherness, vitality, goodwill and good times. This 15-second spot features the song “Get Together” performed by 1960s Folk Rock band, the Youngbloods. It’s the right message that brings attention to the brand and makes it a positive part of the conversation.

With thousands of creative and technical professionals in the recording industry coming together for a night to honor one another and sharing this with the country, we believe this relevant, timely commercial will strike a chord with both music lovers and our younger audience. The music is perfectly in-tune with the scenes and provides a sense of vitality and taste appeal – you can’t help but have an emotional connection to the song, vignettes and product.

Blue Diamond is pushing the boundaries of creativity not only with the new commercial but the additional spots airing after the awards show. They convey the same sense of togetherness and good times…once the good gets going, there’s no stopping it.

Watch the additional spots here:

I invite everybody to get together and look for us on Sunday. It will Get Your GRAMMY Going.