Final Shipment Data for 2012 Almond Crop Released

The final shipment data for the 2012 almond crop, released today, shows industry shipments ending with an expected flourish. As projected in the last Almond Insights video update, July shipments exceeded 150 million lbs. The final tally of 151.1 million lbs is up 31.4 million lbs and 26% over the prior year. Shipments for the full year were down 1.69%, reflecting the reduction in overall 2012 crop supply. Pricing since early July has reflected the almost complete lack of uncommitted 2012 crop inventory. Only 2-3% of the 2012 crop supply remains uncommitted, creating premium pricing on early 2013 crop availability.

As harvest of the 2013 crop commences, early results point to very small CPO sizing, consistent with the small kernel weights and dimensions seen in the NASS Objective Estimate. The 2013 crop harvest is earlier than last year, with pollenizer maturation pushing hard on the heels of the Nonpareil variety.