Celebrating Community Giving Program Recipients and Announcing the 2023-24 Funding Application Cycle 

As the President and CEO of Blue Diamond, I am thrilled to share the remarkable impact that the recipients of our 2022-2023 Community Giving Program have made in our communities. At Blue Diamond, we strongly believe in our commitment to act with integrity, work as partners, deliver quality every day, innovate, and play to win. Our Community Giving Program and Good Neighbor Policy reflect these core values and allow us to build meaningful relationships with organizations in Sacramento, Salida, and Turlock. 

Supporting Agricultural Education and Health & Wellness/Food Security 

One of the primary objectives of our Community Giving Program is to advance agricultural education and improve the health, wellness, and food security of children and families. We understand the importance of investing in the development of our communities, and we believe that by supporting these critical areas, we can make a lasting impact. 

Small Grant Requests 

Blue Diamond’s commitment to these causes is exemplified by our provision of funding for small grant requests. Nonprofit organizations that align with our two pillars of the Community Giving Program—Agricultural Education and Health & Wellness/Food Security—are eligible to apply for grants ranging from $500 to $15,000. These grants empower organizations to make a difference in our communities and bring about positive change. 

Celebrating the 2022-2023 Community Giving Program Recipients 

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our 2022-2023 Community Giving Program recipients. These organizations have tirelessly worked towards creating a better future for our communities, and we are proud to support their endeavors. Each recipient has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing agricultural education or addressing health, wellness, and food security challenges. Their achievements have positively impacted the lives of many, and we commend them for their dedication. 

  • Center for Land-Based Learning 
  • Central California Food Bank 
  • Sacramento Loaves and Fishes 
  • St. John’s Program for Real Change 
  • California Foundation for Ag in the Classroom 
  • Love Stanislaus/Love Our Cities Inc 
  • Garden Joy 
  • The Greenhouse Educational Garden 
  • The Salvation Army Turlock 
  • The Salvation Army Modesto 
  • Food Literacy Center 
  • San Joaquin Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Ag Education “Agventure” Program 
  • Sierra Vista Child and Family Services 
  • Second Harvest of the Greater Valley 

Opening the 2023-24 Funding Application Cycle 

To continue our support for organizations that align with our mission, I am pleased to announce that the application cycle for the 2023-24 funding will open on June 5. We encourage nonprofit organizations in Sacramento, Salida, and Turlock to review our Community Giving Program guidelines and submit their applications. We eagerly anticipate hearing about the innovative initiatives that will drive progress in agricultural education and enhance the health, wellness, and food security of our community members. 

Blue Diamond’s Community Giving Program remains steadfast in its commitment to make a meaningful difference in the regions we call home. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the recipients of the 2022-2023 funding cycle, and we thank them for their inspiring work. As we look forward to the 2023-24 funding application cycle, we are excited to partner with organizations that share our vision for a stronger, healthier, and more secure future. Together, let us continue to innovate, collaborate, and make a positive impact in our communities.