Blue Diamond Proud

Never have I ever been more proud of our Blue Diamond team members. The response to last month’s fire at the Sacramento manufacturing facility shows a commitment to teamwork that is unmatched. You can be assured to know that with hard work, Blue Diamond can overcome extraordinary challenges. And, thanks to the valuable contributions of our grower-owners and Blue Diamond team members, we have resumed close to normal business operations and making good progress on restoration and rebuilding efforts. The dedication of the entire cooperative in achieving our shared goals is inspiring.

It is with this dedication that gives Blue Diamond growers an advantage and keeps us moving forward as a trusted brand and partner. The board of directors and leadership team recently completed a thorough analysis of the cooperative’s strategic plan. When we look at where the cooperative is today and where it will be in the future, the focus remains on Blue Diamond’s ability to be proactive in our approach of bringing to market new products. Delivering on our promise to innovate is going to be essential to our business as we prepare for the NASS Subjective Estimate of a 2.5 billion pound crop.

The cooperative is in an excellent position to manage supplies while increasing value-added growth and it is an exciting time for our brands. Blue Diamond is successfully expanding Almond Breeze® and Snack Almonds products lines, as well as offerings of almond ingredients. We saw great initial distribution for Blue Diamond® Almonds & Fruit – and our almond oil, Almondmilk™ creamer, and flour continue to perform well. By leveraging the strengths of our partners, Blue Diamond is entering new categories with the launch of Almond Breeze Almondmilk™ Yogurt Alternative. The growing demand for plant-based foods and proteins are creating opportunities for Blue Diamond to showcase the versatility of almonds.

As much as we think about what we bring to market, we also think about how we go to market. Food is more than a necessity – it has come to represent nourishment and community. Blue Diamond’s customers and consumers care to know that the food they choose will sustain them and their planet. Recognizing and promoting our unique story about how Blue Diamond is doing a lot of the right things on our farms, in our business, and for our industry to protect the environment and improve the communities in which we live and work are messages we should be proud to share.

Teamwork, dedication and pride are qualities of this cooperative that enable us to grow and invest in ways Blue Diamond can make a difference. Continuing to work together and overcoming challenges is what makes us unique and supports our mission of delivering superior returns to our grower-owners and realize our vision to deliver the benefits of almonds to the world. There is significant value in being a member of this cooperative. When I think of the century-long legacy and commitment of Blue Diamond growers, I know The Best is Yet to Come.