Almond Breeze Expands Portfolio and Launches the First Brazilian Almond Cooking Cream & New Flavor of Almond Breeze Beverage

The product fulfills the role of traditional milk cream, but does not take milk

Stroganoffs, mousses, toppings, guava with cream … these and many other Brazilian recipes now have a new option of tasty and milk-free ingredient: Almond BreezeTM Almond Cooking Cream, in a 200g pack. The product was developed by Blue Diamond Growers, in partnership with Laticínios Bela Vista, which licenses the Almond BreezeTM brand in Brazil.

Creamy, naturally lactose-free and gluten-free, the product presents high performance in sweet and savory recipes. Almond BreezeTM Almond Cooking Cream is an alternative to dairy milk cream, for both sweet and savory recipes, including preparations that need to be heated. “In its formulation, there is no presence of peanuts, soy, milk or any other type of animal protein. Therefore, we present a product that is ideal for vegetarians, vegans or those lactose intolerants, and that makes a point of enjoying delicious preparations without compromise in result. The performance of this milk-less cooking cream in recipes is amazing!”, highlights the Blue Diamond Growers, Global Consumer Business Director for Latin America, Edgar Fernandes.

New Flavor of Almond Breeze Beverage

In addition to the unprecedented launch of the Almond Cooking Cream in Brazil, the brand offers another novelty in its range of almond beverages: Almond BreezeTM Almond and Coconut blend, an innovative and delicious combination of ingredients and flavors, available in a 1-liter pack. In addition to being naturally lactose-free and free from animal proteins, the product is rich in vitamins and calcium, making it ideal for those looking for a lighter and healthier diet.

“When Almond BreezeTM arrived in Brazil, we presented the almond beverages to the Brazilian public in three flavors: Original, Vanilla and Chocolate. Because it is a healthy beverage and at the same time so tasty, we developed a new product, mixing California almonds with coconut Brazilianness. The result is a delicious, healthy and refreshing product, with a Brazilian taste,” says Ricardo Ebel, an executive of the brand for Brazil and the Southern Cone.

Starting in March, Brazilian consumers will be able to get to know the country’s first Almond Cooking Cream and choose the new flavor of the Almond BreezeTM Almond and Coconut vegetable beverage on the shelves at the main points of sale, in addition to the purchase options through e-commerce sites, like Magazine Luiza, Extra, Amazon,